why us?



Neil has been working with firearms since he was a boy,.  He grew up hunting and target shooting.  He joined the Army, trained with a number of weapons platforms as a Combat Engineer, and trained as a Unit Supply Specialist.  After leaving the Army, Neil worked as an apprentice Gunsmtih, and trained with the American Gunsmithing Institute in their Enhanced Master Gunsmith program.  


No one can do everything, we understand that.  So, we work with the best gunsmiths and manufacturers to help you get your firearms fixed right.  We also work with folks who are experienced and certified firearms trainers to get you trained for your CCW or  basic to advanced firearms training.  


We can pretty much guarantee NO ONE will hunt for what you want like we will.  We have over 200 sources for all things firearms, most shops might work with 1/4 of that.  It's a lot of work, most shops don't have the time to hunt for you, but we will make that time to get you what you need.